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At St. Bridget’s we value the importance of enabling all of our children the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to learn to sing. We recognise the role that music plays in children’s academic and social development and in improving the ethos of the school.

The Medley Music Tutor is an asset to our school. She is professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Through the Music Tutor, the children foster a genuine love of music. They are given the opportunities to perform and hidden talents are recognised and celebrated.   The Music Tutor also benefits the wider life of the school, supporting with events such as school plays, Peace Proms and concerts at church.   This provision is so valuable for our children that even with the current climate and budget constraints; this is one area that I would refuse to cut back on.
Mrs Dobson headteacher at St Bridgets Catholic Primary School
Mrs Ceri Dobson
Head Teacher, St Bridgets Catholic Primary School
Medley Music For Schools Ltd has delivered keyboard lessons in the schools I have worked in for over 10 years. The standard of lessons has always been of the highest quality and I have yet to meet a class that has not enjoyed being taught by the Music Tutor. Within the lessons children learn to play the keyboard, read music and the children learn to sing together as well.
The Music Tutor is highly skilled and an incredibly professional teacher and it is for this reason I have employed them in the two different schools that I have had the privilege of leading over the last 10 years.

As part of the package Medley Music For Schools offer they carry out performances both in school and at other venues. The children really get a lot out of performing and showcasing what they have learnt and I know that the parents have particularly enjoyed watching the performances as well.
Craig Burgess, Head Teacher at Woolston Community Primary School
Mr Craig Burgess
Head Teacher, Woolston Community Primary School
I could not recommend The Medley Music Tutor highly enough. She is a highly skilled music teacher, with a passion and enthusiasm for music which she transfers to the children. Our three classes who are taught in the morning thoroughly enjoy their lessons with the Music Tutor and make excellent progress over the course of the year.

  The Music Tutor has integrity and professionalism in all she does and is extremely reliable.
Mrs Helen Graham, Cherry Tree School
Mrs Helen Graham
Head Teacher, Cherry Tree Primary School
We have used Medley Music since its creation and have worked with Fran for nearly a decade. She is both passionate and talented, and works tirelessly to offer our children unique musical experiences. Medley Music are able to work with any Primary age group and the levels of concentration during performances cannot be surpassed. They have supported the school in enhancing events that have secured lifelong memories.

I whole-heartedly recommend their services, especially when there is a welcomed focus from Ofsted on a stimulating curriculum, where schools will be rewarded who are bold and ambitious for their pupils.
Gary Cunningham, Oakwood Avenue Primary School
Mr Gary Cunningham
Head Teacher, Oakwood Avenue Primary School
Su has been great with the children. They have enjoyed learning about playing the keyboards and about performing in front of the school and their parents. She gives them clear instructions and gives them time to practice.
Chloe (age 8) quoted "she is funny and I loved keyboards because we get to sing, play keyboards and dance"
The children enjoy learning and playing the keyboards in school. The whole school enjoy the termly concerts seeing the progression of the children as they improve. We value the children being able to perform in front of the audience. The quality of the lessons and the teaching is always of a high standard. The children have fun, learn musical notation and are fully engaged in the sessions.

Thank you for providing a quality service.
Thelwall Junior School, Warrington
Susan Robinson
Head Teacher, Thelwall Junior School
Medley Music have made the music in our school come alive! Fran’s enthusiasm is infectious and the children are all flourishing in her classes. Fran covers national curriculum objectives and our pupils have made great progress in this area of the curriculum. The children can’t wait for Fran’s sessions and their confidence in music has soared.

The quality of our music provision has improved dramatically thanks to Medley Music.
The concerts where the children perform for their parents are highlights of our school year.
Mrs Glenda Davies, St Wilfrids School
Glenda Davies
Head Teacher, St Wilfird's CofE Primary School
Every year the children make fantastic progress in their key board lessons provided by Medley Music. The teachers make the lessons fun and engaging, while setting high expectations for the children with their behaviour and performance. It is wonderful to see the children play the keyboard, dance and sing to such a high standard in their performances to the parents and carers.
Andrew Redman
Head Teacher, Farnworth CE Primary School in Halton
The work you have done with our learners has been phenomenal and the impact on H will have been tremendous! I am so pleased with all you have done from supporting our youngest primary learners to raising the self-esteem of some of our most vulnerable Cedars cohort.

I am glad the Medley Music Melodies Concert was such a success and I look forward to our relationship with Medley Music continuing.
Headteacher Samantha Rigby-White
Samantha Rigby-White
Head Teacher, TBAP - New Horizons Academy
At Our Lady's, we have worked with Medley Music for the past few years.

Over that time, we have seen our pupils fully engage with the music curriculum and they have been exposed to a range of opportunities that have given them genuine enrichment for the music curriculum.

The school community were delighted to broadcast a Carol Concert from the local parish church and then, as recently as November, around thirty pupils sang at the Golden Square shopping centre - receiving a plethora of plaudits as they did so.

Fran, and the music teachers we work with, fill the school with real joy and enthusiasm for music. Our pupils have benefitted from small group recorder and ukulele tuition; and our Year 5 class always end the year with the ability to play the keyboard to a very high standard.

I could not recommend Medley Music highly enough!
John Marciniak
Head Teacher, Our Lady's Catholic Primary School
Music lessons with Fran are a time that the children look forward to with enthusiasm. The lesson are interactive, lively and full of fun. Fran’s infectious enthusiasm means that she is able to hold the attention of the children whilst introducing them to a range of musical genres. The lessons equip the children with key musical knowledge and skills and develop their ability to concentrate and listen carefully.

If you ask the children what they think of music lessons with Fran, it is a big thumbs up all round!
St. Augustines Catholic Primary School, Warrington
Andrea M. Towey
Head Teacher, St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School
Fran is a truly gifted music professional and she provides inspiration and creativity for school children of all ages. Her passion and originality in the production of visionary and imaginative work resonate with children. I have been fortunate to witness this at various schools.
She generates an immediate trust and affection that creates a special bond with youngsters. Her sessions are so much more than just teaching how to sing or play an instrument. Children experience a musical journey mixed with emotions that vary from great laughter to real tenderness.

Any school or individual seeking a unique musical project or inspirational environment for learning music should look no further than Fran and Medley Music.
Chris Bent - Livewire Warrington
Chris Bent
(Non Executive Director), Livewire Community Interest Company
The performance was fantastic it was clear that the Children loved playing the songs and they demonstrated all the skills that they had learned with confidence.
Mrs Poole, Ravenbank Community Primary School
Mrs Gill Poole
Assistant Head Teacher, Ravenbank Community Primary School