Specialists in music for schools provision.

Medley Music For Schools delivers music lessons to children in schools to achieve the music national curriculum objectives, including keyboard, music curriculum, vocal projects, one-on-one lessons, and performance opportunities.

We aim to promote confidence and self-esteem in children and learners.

Music Provision

Music National Curriculum

The music curriculum engages children with a mix of enthusiasm and fun, tailored to their unique personalities. After warm-up chants and songs, students explore both tuned and un-tuned instruments, provided by the school and Medley Music. The program encourages group ensemble play, improvisation, and introduces composition, with content specifically designed for Key Stage 1 and 2 learners.

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Vocal Project

The Key Stage 1 & 2 Vocal Projects offer comprehensive music programs for children, covering classical to pop genres. Through fun chants and a diverse repertoire, students learn pitch, rhythm, and music theory, including dynamics and cross-curricular concepts like “Music and Maths.” Participants can harmonize, sing in rounds, and perform at the annual Medley Music Melodies Concert.

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Whole Class Keyboard Projects

The Keyboard Project offers a dynamic music program for Year 2 to Year 6 students, teaching keyboard skills across genres like pop, rock, and classical. It focuses on building confidence and caters to all skill levels through imitation, ear training, and reading music. Engaging songs and chants ensure a fun learning environment for children.

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Music and Well-Being

Music can have such a positive effect on mental health and well-being not just for the children but for us adults participating in the lessons too. Research suggests that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals and increases memory retention as well as maximise learning capabilities. We all have a song that brings back happy memories, this is because our brain triggers particular emotions, memories and thoughts which often leads to more positive effects toward mental health.

Medley Music Services

Our dedication to services shines through morning sessions from 9:00 am to 12 Noon in schools, offering Whole Class Keyboard, Music National Curriculum and Vocal lessons

Medley Music is committed to supporting your preferred provisions, offering both one-hour and two-hour lessons tailored to fit morning schedules where possible and accommodating two-hour sessions seamlessly into the afternoon.

The remarkable progress and inspiration drawn from these classes are reflected in glowing testimonials, underscoring the impactful learning experiences we provide.

About Us

Medley Music For Schools Ltd is a music education company that delivers music lessons to children in schools. Founded by Fran Sixsmith in 2017, Medley Music has over 1000 students and offers a variety of music programs, including keyboard, vocal, and performance opportunities. Fran is a passionate music educator who is committed to making music education accessible to all children.

Fran is a Yamaha-trained musician and won Classic FM Peripatetic/Private Music Teacher of the Year Award in 2011 and was presented at The Royal Albert Hall, London.

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Schools Testimonials

"Fran's continued passion and expertise enable her to deliver a very high standard of music lessons throughout the year.

The lessons culminate in fantastic and memorable performance at the end of each term."
Mrs Helen Graham, Cherry Tree School
Mrs. Graham
Headteacher - Cherry Tree Primary School
"We have used Medley Music since its creation and have worked with Fran for nearly a decade.

Medley Music are able to work with any Primary age group and the levels of concentration during performances cannot be surpassed.

They have supported the school in enhancing events that have secured lifelong memories."
Gary Cunningham, Oakwood Avenue Primary School
Gary Cunningham
CEO One Community Trust, Oakwood Avenue
"Fran, and the music teachers we work with, fill the school with real joy and enthusiasm for music.

Our pupils have benefitted from small group recorder and ukulele tuition; and our Year 5 class always end the year with the ability to play the keyboard to a very high standard.

I could not recommend Medley Music highly enough!"
John Marciniak
Headteacher, Our Lady's Catholic Primary School